The Patterson subject: The height and girth.

Jim McClarin comparison photo.jpg watermark

This is a comparison photo of the Patterson film subject and reenactor Jim McClarin. The height is properly gauged. Jim is about 6’5″ in his boots. It is apparent that it is not the height that is the issue when it comes to considering a man in a suit. It is the GIRTH. The film subject is too large to be a human in a suit.  Conclusion: The film subject is not a hoax.  

A creeping Bigfoot with a club enters a neighborhood in Georgia

This video is a few years old. It was part of a donation to David Bakara’s Expedition Bigfoot museum. It was still on the camera that took it. The quality was considerably better than a youtube version from a few years ago. I was privileged to work on this higher quality version. Upon stabilization I was very surprised to see that the subject was carrying what appears to be a “club”. Here are some frame by frame enhancements that are assembled into a stable gif file. The Bigfoot was in shadow so a twenty step process for each frame to lighten the image without overexposure. This is something special for sure.

Gif of Backyard Bigfoot.gif 50%

Gif of Backyard Bigfoot cropped and delayed

Contrast Boosted Video.

Contrast Boosted Video.