Ivan Marx and his role in the events at Bluff Creek.

Some new testimony has placed Ivan Marx squarely in the middle of the events that took place at Bluff Creek Ca. in 1967. Mr. Marx, one of the great depicters of Bigfoot in a number of cheesy clips of cinema may have indeed been present there for some real time cinema of the big guy. Among those cheesy clips is a clip that is quite different from all the others. I have recorded testimony that Ivan Marx was at Bluff Creek and may have come to fire a rifle in the direction of a Bigfoot or two or at least owned the rifle or one of the rifles that did the deed. This clip below was just sort of lumped in with the rest of his depictions but a careful look at this filtered version seems to indicate that this is authentic and perhaps was taken in Bluff Creek. Here it is. Judge for yourself.

Filtered clip full speed without borders 50%

Larry McGowan holding rifle smaller

This is Larry McGowan. An old bear hunter from the Bluff Creek area. He’s holding a rifle once belonging to Ivan Marx. He says that Ivan Marx told him it had been involved in the killing of five or six of the Big Ones. Larry has assured me that the conversation was about Bigfoot.

Ivan Marx on gun

Ivan Marx name tag from rifle case smaller

Ivan Marx photo

Ivan Marx who is holding a cast of the famous “Cripplefoot” track from Bossburg Washington.