Some new looks at some older Bigfoot Videos

This is at the East Texas site where Whitey’s run was taped. This is the creek that the white Bigfoot crossed.


Myself standing down in the creek bed that Whitey crossed so quickly.


The depth of the creek that Whitey crossed in only a few seconds.


The embankment that Whitey came down when crossing the creek.


The view of Whitey’s Run site some ten years after the filming.

New processing results in a clearer image of the man behind the white facade.

This is from the Orville Nix film of the Kennedy assassination. This has been processed with the new processing method and filtered for brightness and contrast. It has been stabilized. Watch the upper right of the frames. There is a lot of movement that appears to be following the progress of the Presidential limousine.

Shadow shooter cropped arrowed

Here is the upper right corner cropped and enlarged.

Shadow shooter cropped extreme head bob