The Davis Report-An off topic post…The Zapruder Film


Another enigmatic piece of cinema is the Zapruder assassination film. It has been my privilege to work with this historic footage. The anniversary of this heinous crime being just passed, I hope this clip from the film helps us all to reflect on what was lost that day. Warning….this clip is graphic in nature. Don’t click on the images if you have a weak stomach. Click on the image to animate.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

A larger view below. Click on the image to animate.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

The film below was taken by a person in the president’s motorcade. It was taken from behind the event. This film was violently unstable with hand motion. At this point, the camera pans a curved facade in front of the president as he passed. It has been stabilized at this point so that the actions of the people there can be viewed.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

The Orville Nix film was taken from opposite of the President and Abraham Zapruder. In this brief clip from the Nix film shows movement at the precise time of the head wounding shot. It is just to Abraham  Zapruder’s left from behind the curved facade. Click on image to animate.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here’s a clip that has the BACKGROUND stabilized so that the behavior of the bystanders might be observed. Click on the image to animate.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here’s the same file but stacked. There are frames missing when the President’s limousine turns into the intersection. These frames went missing while in the possession of Life magazine. Click to animate.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here is the head wound in slow motion. See if you can determine the direction of the impact. Click on the image to animate.

Film stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here is a panorama of the entire scene constructed from the stills of the Zapruder film. Click on the image to enlarge.

Here is the Nix film with an additional frame added so that the pinkish spray from the bullet strike is visible. Click on the image to animate.

Please do not right click.

The Davis Report-The Bulk of the Patterson Sasquatch


There has been quite a bit of discussion about the height of the Patterson Sasquatch, however, the “bulk” of the Sasquatch is perhaps more extraordinary. My friend Jay Michael and myself enlarged a clear frame to have the Sasquatch at 6’7″ tall. At that height the right

bicep was ten and 1/2″ across. That is incredible bulk. My own bicep is around 5″ across, so…that should give you an idea of just how bulky or massive the Sasquatch was. Of course this was a female, so assuming that males are larger, and if this is a typical Sasquatch bulk, then the bulk should go up accordingly from there. I have a color enlargement that I have taken with me during my travels, and have been fortunate enough to have many of the people that I have met sign the poster. I consider it a privilege to have been a contributor in some ways to resolving this great mystery. I briefly took video of the p oster.  Here’s the clip. Click on the link to start the video.

The Davis Report-Is the American Sasquatch the Same as the Tibetan Yeti ?


What are we looking at when we view the Patterson film? Is this the same as what they call in the Himalayas the “Yeti”? The general consensus among the researchers is no. One must remember, however, that the level of evidence for the existence of the Yeti is about the same as that for the Sasquatch….very scant. The west coast of North America is open to the Pacific ocean. There are some good reasons to believe that the North America was visited by the Chinese in the distant past. Well…what does that have to do with the Yeti…or the Sasquatch for that matter. In John Green’s book “On the Track of the Sasquatch”, John makes an interesting observation about a forensic examination of what he believed was Sasquatch fecal matter.  John observes-”                                                                                                                       It is often suggested that if the tracks can be followed, then hair and droppings can be found and examined. This has in fact been done, but with inconclusive results. I have been present when droppings of unusual appearance were collected in northern California, at a time when we had a financial backer and scientific services were available. The material was sent away for examination. It was reported to be made up of remains of California fresh water plants and to contain eggs of parasites otherwise known only in some North American tribal groups in the north western U.S., pigs from south China, and pigs and people from “SOUTHWEST CHINA”. I am satisfied that this was not the droppings of humans or pigs. ——– John Green

Well…perhaps there is a Chinese connection to the Yeti, and by extension the Sasquatch. If the Chinese did find their way to North America’s Pacific coast in ancient times, could they have had Yeti with them. Well…not likely…if the Yeti were an animal or more precisely an ape. If the Chinese regarded the Yeti as something more than an animal, then, perhaps the introduction of the Yeti to North America by the Chinese might be a real possibility. Parasites in Sasquatch fecal matter that originate from Southwest China? Where is southwest China? Here’s a map:

As you might have noticed, sitting squarely in the middle of southwest China is Nepal, and Tibet, homeland of the Yeti. Fecal matter from a Sasquatch that has parasites from Tibet? MMMM…the Chinese connection may not be so tenuous after all. Here’s some circular stones that are said to be Chinese in origin. They were found off the coast of California.

The article “New Directions in the Teaching of Human Language to Non-Humans has been removed. This is the reason why. The article, as it was seen here, was copied to me some time ago. Mr. Trey Jones has brought it to my attention that the article is not genuine in nature, but, rather, is a satirically written article that was submitted to the Website “The Speculative Grammarian”. I thank Mr.Jones for bringing this to my attention. Speculation may or may not be intended for satirical purposes. The entire article that I wrote here, about the origins of the Sasquatch is speculative, but not intended to be satirical. Evidence  for the “EXISTENCE” of the Sasquatch or Yeti, is scant at best. Much that is written about it is postulation. It’s like filling in the dots, when there are not a lot of dots to fill in. The direction that it takes you is uncertain. The connection between the Sasquatch and the Yeti is no different, but the postulation that was, that they may have a common origin, did not, and does not… hinge upon Mr.Pulju’s article alone. There were already some indicators there for that, so…that postulation remains. Mr.Pulju’s article, in its intended format, may be found here.  Thanks, M.K.Davis

When the very best images from the Patterson Sasquatch film, that show the mouth, are animated, there does indeed appear to be mouth motion that is consistent with speech. Here’s a short clip. Click on the image to animate.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork and stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here are some of the stills used in the above animation. Click on the image  to enlarge.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here’s all the frames in collage:

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

The Davis Report-Where are the Bones?


If Bigfoot or Sasquatch does exist, then, where are their bones? Well…the answer is…in the collections of individuals or museums. The only problem is that most of the time, the unusual bones never see the light of day. They most often interfere with current theory or thinking, so they end up in obscurity. This skull was found in Warner valley in Oregon over 50 years ago. Quote: “It exhibits archaic traits including a solid protruding brow, sloping forehead, lack of frontal eminences, round orbits, small volume of 1225 ml., round posterior contour,and parallel sides. Radio carbon dating has it at 1500 years old. It is submitted as  representing a unique, newly reported species probably indigenous to North America.” Here’s the skull. Click on image to enlarge.

From the book: "Early Man in Oregon".

Sarah Winnemucca Hopson, a Piute Indian princess, wrote of a war her people had in ancient times with a people of a similar look. In her presentation she said that her people had holed them up in a cave and then burned them to death in the cave. In the 20th century the cave was discovered and several very large skeletons and mummies were excavated from the cave. The picture below is an alleged photo of one of the skulls. The similarities between the Oregon skull and the Lovelock cave skull is striking. Click to enlarge.

Alleged Sitecah skull from Nevada

Skulls like these confound anthropologists and most do not ever see the light of day. We really do not fully know the ancient history of early man… in the America’s.

The Davis Report-The Film Site…Has it Changed?


There is no doubt that the 40+ years since the famous Patterson Sasquatch film was taken has seen some changes to the site. Most of the changes, however, are superficial, involving the vegetation changing, rather that the actual “lay” of the land. This “lay” of the land has not changed. The canyon walls are still where they were, the creek bed meanders across the sand bar, changing from year to year in its endless fractal wandering. The dimensions are still the same, and can be recognized. Many people are embracing a site that is much smaller than what is seen in the film. For some reason, the belief is that the camera itself was projecting a much larger image than the actual site was. I adamantly disagree. What is seen in the film, is still very much there and recognizable. Here is an aerial view, that is, a view from the bluffs above the film site. Click on the image  to enlarge.

From the book "Meet the Sasquatch" by Chris Murphy. Published by Hancock House.

As you can see, the area is quite sizable. Nothing has shrunken about this mysterious place. It is still there. For a perspective, look at the upper end of the red arrow. A man is standing there. His figure is minuscule compared to the rest of the site. Here’s another view of the site, taken in the early 1970’s. Click on the image to enlarge.

Photograph courtesy of longtime researcher Peter C. Byrne. Please do not right click.


This is the view from down stream. As you can see, the “lay” of the land has changed little.

Copyright M.K.Davis. Please do not right click


Here is a view from upstream of the site. Click to enlarge.

Copyright M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.


The Patterson Film site has never been lost. It has been visited regularly through the years by individuals who know positively where it is. One of the main reason’s for people thinking that it is lost is that Bigfoot researchers are constantly coming and going. The Bigfoot community, if that be what it should be called, is one very large edition of a debutante’s ball. If this filmsite were to be confirmed today, then tomorrows bigfooters would consider it lost again, and embark upon a rediscovery project all over again. This is unfortunate indeed, for in all other pursuits for edification, the debutante’s build upon the knowlege of those that were before them. The Bigfoot Debutantes start over and over again with a clean slate, without anchoring their efforts in anything solid.  My advice is…that if the place that you seek, does not appear to be the same dimension as the filmsite, then it most likely is not it. If my advice doesn’t mean anything to you, then go to the filmsite of your choice.






The Davis Report-Image Enhancement


Enhancement is a process that results in a better understanding of what is on an image. You’ve probably seen the bubbly image with a number or letter imbedded in the bubble matrix, that is difficult to pick out. Here is such an example on the left. On the right is an enhancement of that same image. The number fairly well jumps out at you in the enhancement. Nothing about the data has changed here. The “values” of the data have been driven apart by enhancement and the information has been yielded.

In the case of the Patterson Sasquatch film, there is much data that can be extrapolated from the film in a similar fashion. In dealing with a color image, one must remember that the image that you see is a “composite” image. The individual images can be separated into individual photos and their values adjusted so that something hard to see, might be made more readily discernible, such as in the image above. Here is a raw image from the film.Click on the image to enlarge.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.

Here is the same image that has been “digitally” split into its CMYK color components. The data is displayed in black and white. Click to enlarge.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.

The majority of the information about the skin color is found in the image on the far right, that is, the cyan image. Once that has been determined, that part of the spectrum can be pushed until it dominates the image. In other words the skin color was once a diminished tone in the photo, has now become a dominant tone. This is made possible by the fact that the natural subject had a different color tone for the skin than for the hair. So they have been separated from one another and the skin tone “pushed” in intensity. I have “lassoed the area around the breasts here to conserve processor resources. So…I’ll be dealing only with that area. The skin that was formerly beneath the hair, now dominates the image. There are what appears to be normal looking breasts and nipples that are now easier to see. Images such as this one, forces me to the conclusion that this is not a hoaxed image, whether I like it…or not. For the sake of objectivity, this image and others like it, must be placed squarely on the table for all to see. Neither the skeptic, or the believer should be picking and choosing with the film to bolster a point of view. It must all be on the table. Once again, no data has been changed on the image, only their values are driven apart. Such images are why this blog exists. Click on the image to enlarge. Click twice to fill the page.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.