The Patterson Film-How Tall is Patty?

In this blink animation the Patterson subject is standing in the steps of Jim McClarin who was filmed eight months later. The height of Mr.McClarin is known and is 6’5″ in his boots which he is in. The film subject’s apparent height is determined by spatial alignment between the film Mr.McClarin is in and the Patterson film. When everything is aligned then the Patterson subject is at the correct apparent height. This is the most accurate method as the two are standing in each other’s steps and broken ground does not need to be accounted for.

McClarin Patty blink animation

Patterson Bigfoot Film.An amazing comparison of two films gives insight into sizes and dimensions.

This is the Patterson Bigfoot film superimposed upon a film taken by John Green the following June. The frames from John have been stitched together expertly by Bill Munns and show progressively the path that the Patterson subject took by having Jim McClarin walk the same path. Careful alignment of the Patterson film produces the correct aspect ratio and something kind of amazing is produced. Jim McClarin is 6’5″ in his boots.McClarin multiwalk comparison animation

McClarin multiwalk cropped