A creeping Bigfoot with a club enters a neighborhood in Georgia

This video is a few years old. It was part of a donation to David Bakara’s Expedition Bigfoot museum. It was still on the camera that took it. The quality was considerably better than a youtube version from a few years ago. I was privileged to work on this higher quality version. Upon stabilization I was very surprised to see that the subject was carrying what appears to be a “club”. Here are some frame by frame enhancements that are assembled into a stable gif file. The Bigfoot was in shadow so a twenty step process for each frame to lighten the image without overexposure. This is something special for sure.

Gif of Backyard Bigfoot.gif 50%

Gif of Backyard Bigfoot cropped and delayed

Contrast Boosted Video.

Contrast Boosted Video.





1 thought on “A creeping Bigfoot with a club enters a neighborhood in Georgia

  1. The image is very reminiscent of a page on Wikipedia about “The wild man (also wildman, or “wildman of the woods”, woodwose or wodewose” a figure seen in Western European culture which I personally think refers to our own long extinct English Bigfoot. There are even surnames here such as Wildman which reflect this. You can see it on “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_man”

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