The new show “Killing Bigfoot”

“Killing Bigfoot”

by M.K.Davis

In 1967 the famous Patterson Bigfoot Film was taken and the whole world was put on notice that there was something roaming the woods in North America that needed the attention of science.

Indeed instead of giving it proper and due attention science kicks the can down the road. The can was kicked so hard and so far that it didn’t come down for fifty years. Here in 2017 the proverbial can has landed.

The new show “Killing Bigfoot” is no longer asking the question “Does it exist?” It has taken the quantum leap. It asks “What is it?” and “What shall we do about it?” For those of us who have been around this subject for a long time we tend to look at the bigger picture. There is no “Expert” on Bigfoot arguing with an “Expert” skeptic about whether a Bigfoot exists. This show is meat and potatoes. Regardless of whether you are a kill or no kill proponent you get a full helping of Bigfoot is here.

The issues surrounding Bigfoot’s existence must be addressed and up until this show could not be done so because of the timidity of science. Now these arguments that should have been made all those years ago are being made before an audience of millions in the court of public opinion fifty years past their due. New eyes and new ears are being opened. New ground is being broken. Not everything is neatly packaged. We seem to rule our world but only part of it for part of the time. Who or what occupies its nether is what this show is about.    M.K.Davis