The Patterson Bigfoot Film Running Too Fast?

New studies seem to indicate that the 16 fps conclusion of Igor Bourtsev and Dimitri Bayanov conducted back in the 1970’s is correct. I believe that what you see here is correct or very nearly so. This would indicate more mass. Here it is running at 16 fps. This makes the subject have a more lumbering gait.┬áThe back and forth movement of the legs are affected by mass. When I tried to sync up Patty with my own recreation of the walk she was 25% faster pace wise than me. I know the size of her legs so this would not be likely. The subject takes four steps without looking at the ground in front. I did that and Patty was faster paced. Then I knew that the film was running too fast at 18 fps. Slowing it until we synced produced 16 fps and her gait became a more lumbering type of gait. I knew that this had to be very nearly accurate so this would mean that she was moving more mass than it even looked like. In other words, the Sasquatch was more massive per square inch or centimeter than a typical human. After having observed the fresh tracks at Bluff Creek last fall it explains the 10 cm deep tracks that were 131/2″ long. Only great mass would do that.

Fullcolorpattersonfilmwalkacross cropped walk 16fps

Deep track photo

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The East Texas Tree Smasher Video Enhanced.

This footage was taken in East Texas. The researchers realized that the Bigfoot were tossing some old tires that were thrown off a bridge. They chained the tires together and then chained them to a Bois’ de arc tree, a tree known for its toughness. During the night the tree was broken and the tires taken. The Bigfoot would not show themselves to a camera so they began filming into a large mirror. They used a lantern for light. Unfortunately the bright lantern light caused the iris of the camera to close making the entire frame go dark. After hearing the audio I was able to retrieve some of the video with imaging enhancement. Here is how the video looked in raw form.

Raw frame

Now here is how the video looked after enhancement. This is a looped file so that the subject can be viewed over and over in the best lighting available. I think that it can be seen well enough to get and idea about size and speed. The crunching sound is the tree breaking down.

40 Year Old Photos of Large Skulls in the Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca Nevada.

These photos were taken by Don Monroe back in the 1970’s and recently discovered among his things that were boxed up. Don Monroe has been adamant that there were large skulls there then, that are now missing. This seems to support his claim.

Giant skull jpg deblurred enhanced watermark




Big skull 2.jpg deblurred.jpg three times enhanced watermark


0130161144.jpg deblurred three times enhanced watermark

0128161213.jpg deblurred enhanced

I hope that this serves to clear up whether these larger skulls did exist at the Humboldt Museum. Right now they emphatically deny that such skulls were ever there. They obviously were. Here’s what they pass out now when you go in there.


If you go in there and they hand you one of the leaflets above. Just nod and smile.