Patterson Bigfoot Film.An amazing comparison of two films gives insight into sizes and dimensions.

This is the Patterson Bigfoot film superimposed upon a film taken by John Green the following June. The frames from John have been stitched together expertly by Bill Munns and show progressively the path that the Patterson subject took by having Jim McClarin walk the same path. Careful alignment of the Patterson film produces the correct aspect ratio and something kind of amazing is produced. Jim McClarin is 6’5″ in his boots.McClarin multiwalk comparison animation

McClarin multiwalk cropped

2 thoughts on “Patterson Bigfoot Film.An amazing comparison of two films gives insight into sizes and dimensions.

  1. The lens information you were trying to describe should have been lens “length”, not F numbers. The F-Stop is the measure of the aperture, essentially a measure of the volume of light entering through the lens. What you wanted to say was that the lens Length on Green’s camera was essentially the same length as Patterson’s lens. Green had a 1″ length lens, while Patterson had a 25mm lens. Same length, just using the two different measuring conventions.

  2. You’ll also notice, if you look really carefully, that at the beginning of Patty’s walk, she is taller than Jim, and if you watch her feet you can see why; she is closer to the camera by a number of feet. By the time they cross the field and squeeze between the trees, their paths have converged and Patty is no longer taller than Jim, visually. Patty becomes shorter than Jim where they walk the same path between the trees, but at the beginning they do not walk the same path. Patty is closer, Jim is further. Look at the film, that’s what happens. You know what that means, Jim is walking the bigfoot path, but Patty is not.

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