5 thoughts on “The Real Face of the Patterson Sasquatch

  1. This man does amazing in depth research on all we know is real. Skeptics are in abundance, but he brings to light the reality of existance to all who know the facts. I BELIEVE, AND I SAY THANKYOU TO MR. DAVIS. AMAZING WORK.

  2. No comment out of respect for MK..which is rare for me, I assure you !
    Has anyone ever measured the actual distance Patty travelled from point A-point B, and timed it to accurately determine her walking speed? Personally, I think it’s important/significant data, that’s missing from anything I’ve ever read on this particular footage. I’ve been asking this question since 1968, when I first viewed this incredible film. Thank you Thomas Mendelson, British Columbia, Canada. Email: ularmalam@yahoo.com

  3. Enjoying your work MK. Please keep it up. I just cannot image this is a fake…the muscle movement and the buttocks convinced me – all due to your work sir!

  4. MR. DAVIS you have brought me closer to BIGFOOT just like I thought .
    OUTSTANDING work. Please continue.
    DRIVE ยค ON !!!

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