The Red Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave…The Skulls of the Humboldt Museum.

The Humboldt Museum in Winnemucca Nevada used to keep a series of human skulls in a cabinet in the basement for private viewing. They have now repatriated the skulls and no longer have them. I saw them in 2006 and photographed them in the cabinet. Don Monroe photographed them some 30 odd years ago and they were different. Compare the photos and you can see that not only are some missing but there is an extraordinary mandible that was there in the prior photo but missing from the later one. This mandible has had the teeth filed. I think that this is a polynesian custom? Is this the mandible from the red haired giants of Lovelock cave? Here’s the official Paiute account of the  Red Haired Giants

Red haired giants

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Below are the skulls as I photographed them in 2006. This is a stitched photo.

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Here is the photo that Don Monroe took some 30 plus years ago. Pay attention to the fact that there are more artifacts then and more particularly to the mandible that is arrowed.

Lovelock skulls 8 Don's photo with arrow

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Here is the recent flyer that the Humboldt Museum is now featuring and you can see that there has been a complete reversal of the position the Museum has taken on the Red Haired Giant issue. It is my belief that this sudden policy change has a sponsor.

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Here is the giant hand print that Don Monroe and I found in Lovelock cave in June of 2013.

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Here is the hand print before and then after it was destroyed. It was destroyed sometime between June 2013 and November 2013. Notice the smudge in the upper right that wasn’t touched. It was used to align the two photos.

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9 thoughts on “The Red Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave…The Skulls of the Humboldt Museum.

  1. Probably the same clown that took an iron bar to the palauxie river human in dinosaur tracks. But thanks to the internet , guys like you shine the light of truth onto the deniers one lie at a time. How bout you taking on the evolution crowd? The bigfoot world needs some clear thinking on this impossible theory.

  2. Great post, thank you. Every cable viewer in America (probably elsewhere as well) who watched David Hatcher Childress examine the Lovelock skulls can now see the disgracefull scientific fraud and destruction of historical and cultural relics by certain interests. Skulls of this extraordinary type in the museum in Malta have also been withdrawn, demonstrating an International effort to suppress. Fortunately there is much documentation and courageous scholars from many countries where unusual artifacts continue to be unearthed refuse to be intimidated. Note the disinformation at the top of every web page on this and other subjects frantically trying to keep up with an ever growing body of evidence.

  3. I also traveled to the Museum at Winnemucca in 2013, to inspect the skulls and artifacts from Lovelock Cave. When I got there, a clerk at the front door actually ridiculed me saying “Surely you don’t believe everything you read on the internet” That pissed me off and I asked to speak to the curator- I had written to her 2 months in advance about my trip to the museum. She wouldn’t come out and meet me. Rather than stand there and argue with that nasty woman at the door, I left. She was clearly trying to hide the fact that the skulls were/ had been there. I did manage to photograph the HUGE oversized pestal & mortar that was discovered in the cave. A few months later, Melba Ketchum was able to actually gather some samples from the remains for DNA testing!
    I don’t trust anyone at these institutes or from the Smithsonian to tell the truth. Too many cover ups!

  4. I stopped into the museum in February of 2017. I asked to see the giant bones, unaware that they were no longer there. The guy who was working at the museum said that “giants do not exist.” I replied, saying I know that they did. He claimed that he had no knowledge of such artifacts. But, later, he claimed that “the bones had been returned to the tribe.” Where are they?

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