5 thoughts on “Patterson Bigfoot Film: The Breasts.

  1. Hello Mr davis. I couldn’t find anywhere else to contact you so here it goes. I just wanted to thank you for all your meticulous work. You inspire me and many i’m sure to never give up the search for truth. I am appalled at the way you have been railroaded by the “Gimlinites”. Know you have reached people who care about the truth and I hope you are well.

  2. Please watch (Paul Freeman) on Good Morning America posted by Matthew Crowley on YouTube. Time 5:07 and if Iam hearing things when it starts Pgf isn’t that audio of dog barking. If not where’s the dog.. I’m a subscriber..

  3. Thanks for the work you have done, but with all due respect that you deserve, stick to the Patterson Film and the Truth of that story. Stay away from Biblical interpretation as it does not appear to be a strength.

  4. Whenever I was asked why I ‘believed’ in Bigfoot, had I ever seen one, I said yes, I have.
    I said the 1967 Patterson film was proof. I could tell it was real, not faked. Then I saw the work you did, how refined it became, only reinforcing my initial reaction. I hope your work, Mr. Davis, is rightfully recognized as genuine history, contributing to the recognition of this creature.

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