1 thought on “Siberian Bigfoot Photos…The Beard Photo

  1. Mr. Davis, I watched a breakdown you did of these photos from Siberia on bigfootevidence.com. The specific video was approximately 15 minutes long. I believe you may be interested in viewing the 7:15 minute mark of that video. The image at the 7:15 minute mark of your video shows what appears to be a toddler aged individual of the same species as the large individual that is the focus of the series of photographs. At the 7:15 mark of the video, you were focusing your analysis on the large figure. The photo you were analyzing showed the large figure, after it had risen from the groung, as it moved around or past the tree that it had previously been sitting under. The image of the toddler is in the lower center left of the frame.The image is primarily of the toddler’s face looking up at the large individual and, frankly, seemingly distressed that the large individual is leaving. The image is remarkably similar to that of the artist’s rendition of the similarly aged individual involved in the Justin Smeja incident. The toddler seems to be sitting on the ground within the circumference of the tree branches. The toddler would have been right in front of the large individual when the large individual was sitting. thanks,

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