The Patterson Sasquatch Film…how wide is Patty’s foot ?

Technically the Patterson Bigfoot or Sasquatch film was shot on very slow film with fast action. With slow frame rates and exposures there are inevitably frames that are going to be smeared, skewed and double exposed. In this frame right here it has the appearance that the left foot is very wide. Specialized processing of the frame reveals that…once again…the foot is moving too fast to freeze the action. There is a double exposure or “burn in” of the foot bottom. You can see it very well in the filtered black and white image. There is a “heart shape” at the top of the foot. This is from a double exposure of the heel. There are essentially “two” heels. A line of demarcation down the foot delineates the two exposures with the fainter one being to the left. On the right of the foot there is some skewing. See how the right side is pulled in and up. The actual foot width is not possible to determine with this frame but is is significantly thinner than what appears at first glance.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Click on the image to enlarge.


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