A Skeptical Look at Skepticism

Skepticism in and of itself, is a wholesome way of looking at the world. No one wants to be taken in by someone, so a bit of skepticism is in order when it comes to the most unusual topics that entertain and edify us. In the world of today, where information is at the fingertips and no one need be isolated from the rivers of knowledge that is the internet, it seems that new and creative ways of making money or even making a living can be found. One of them is the old beloved ideology called skepticism. Looking with askance at nearly everything has now become as much a way of getting attention as the making of claims of the outrageous that fueled skepticism in the first place. Yes you can make a paycheck by being a professional skeptic. It’s a pretty good gig if you can get it. Imagine that just by simply saying “no” to everything unusual, or vague or outstanding, you are going to be right most of the time. It can get you a magazine, television appearances, testimonials, etc. and world wide fame and exposure.

So many of the things that we take for granted now once began as unusual, vague, or outstanding in nature, and were poorly understood at first. Back in the day there were only amateur skeptics and they were not able to object to a world wide audience and so the research into nuclear fission, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting etc. went unimpeded and unshamed. Perhaps if the professional skeptics of today had had a crack at such things, they could have gotten such nonsense stopped before it became reality?

I think that it is the world of Bigfootery that the professional skeptic seems the most to be drawn to. The evidence to proof ratio is way too great for a skeptic to ignore. If you were a paying patron and had the choice of paying for the services of a professional researcher looking for Bigfoot, or a professional skeptic who says “no” to any and all things Bigfoot, where do you think your money would be better spent? The Bigfoot researcher, who meticulously gathers physical evidence, and gets 90% of it wrong, or the professional skeptic who condemns all of it, and gets the precious 10% wrong? Do the math. It’s better to have 10% than to have 0%. We live in a world built by the 10%’ers. If I need someone to tell me no…I’ll slap a bobble head doll. It doesn’t cost anything.   M.K.Davis

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