Patterson Film Full Color Walk Across

This clip was produced by using the single clearest frame from the Patterson Bigfoot film and overlaying a sequence of animated stills that are cropped close to the subject. The high quality of the background and the stability of the animated sequence makes it possible to align the two and get a complimentary view of both as one.Fullcolorpattersonfilmwalkacross cropped walk

Click on image to animate

3 thoughts on “Patterson Film Full Color Walk Across

  1. Excellent work. It’s ten times better than the original footage. You really get a feel for what Patterson and Gimlin actually saw themselves. If Animal Planet (or Nat Geo or Discovery Ch) has any brains, they’ll want to add this footage to a “Finding Bigfoot” episode or comparable documentary.
    I also stumbled upon your Zapruder film enhancement. Again, excellent work. You feel like you are Abraham Zapruder yourself watching it.

  2. Very good commentary, David Dill. The P-G film was stabilized before M.K. Davis came along, but so far, he has done it the best.

    Daniel Perez
    Bigfoot Times
    editor and publisher

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