1 thought on “Frames 300 to 410 full frame deblurred

  1. This is great work that you’ve done. For the first time, I can see instances where the people who suggest the film has been altered have it right.

    Many eyewitnesses saw the limo stop or slow to a near-stop. If you ignore the grassy background, you can see it even in this footage. The police motorcycle pulls forward in a way that looks like it’s speeding up too much/gaining too much on the limo *if* you accept that the limo is traveling as fast as suggested by the movement of the grassy background. However, when you see Clint Hill (the Secret Service guy) able to reach the back of the limo on foot, you realize that maybe the limo really isn’t going as fast as it appears. Then what you see in these frames is that the limo starts to speed up and accelerate, nearly throwing Clint Hill off the back. I think if you ignore the background, what you see in these frames is a limo slowing or stopping, Kennedy getting the worst of the headshots, then the limo starting back up/speeding up significantly.

    Two features of the “Other” version of the film seen by some people who say they saw a very different film in the ’70s that were edited out are: a) the awkward turn onto Elm; b) the slowdown or stop of the limo before the fatal headshot. It’s not hard to imagine that these were edited out when the film was altered (cf. Doug Horne) in order to eliminate suspicions of Secret Service complicity.

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