The Davis Report-The Bulk of the Patterson Sasquatch

There has been quite a bit of discussion about the height of the Patterson Sasquatch, however, the “bulk” of the Sasquatch is perhaps more extraordinary. My friend Jay Michael and myself enlarged a clear frame to have the Sasquatch at 6’7″ tall. At that height the right

bicep was ten and 1/2″ across. That is incredible bulk. My own bicep is around 5″ across, so…that should give you an idea of just how bulky or massive the Sasquatch was. Of course this was a female, so assuming that males are larger, and if this is a typical Sasquatch bulk, then the bulk should go up accordingly from there. I have a color enlargement that I have taken with me during my travels, and have been fortunate enough to have many of the people that I have met sign the poster. I consider it a privilege to have been a contributor in some ways to resolving this great mystery. I briefly took video of the p oster.  Here’s the clip. Click on the link to start the video.

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