The Davis Report-Is the American Sasquatch the Same as the Tibetan Yeti ?

What are we looking at when we view the Patterson film? Is this the same as what they call in the Himalayas the “Yeti”? The general consensus among the researchers is no. One must remember, however, that the level of evidence for the existence of the Yeti is about the same as that for the Sasquatch….very scant. The west coast of North America is open to the Pacific ocean. There are some good reasons to believe that the North America was visited by the Chinese in the distant past. Well…what does that have to do with the Yeti…or the Sasquatch for that matter. In John Green’s book “On the Track of the Sasquatch”, John makes an interesting observation about a forensic examination of what he believed was Sasquatch fecal matter.  John observes-”                                                                                                                       It is often suggested that if the tracks can be followed, then hair and droppings can be found and examined. This has in fact been done, but with inconclusive results. I have been present when droppings of unusual appearance were collected in northern California, at a time when we had a financial backer and scientific services were available. The material was sent away for examination. It was reported to be made up of remains of California fresh water plants and to contain eggs of parasites otherwise known only in some North American tribal groups in the north western U.S., pigs from south China, and pigs and people from “SOUTHWEST CHINA”. I am satisfied that this was not the droppings of humans or pigs. ——– John Green

Well…perhaps there is a Chinese connection to the Yeti, and by extension the Sasquatch. If the Chinese did find their way to North America’s Pacific coast in ancient times, could they have had Yeti with them. Well…not likely…if the Yeti were an animal or more precisely an ape. If the Chinese regarded the Yeti as something more than an animal, then, perhaps the introduction of the Yeti to North America by the Chinese might be a real possibility. Parasites in Sasquatch fecal matter that originate from Southwest China? Where is southwest China? Here’s a map:

As you might have noticed, sitting squarely in the middle of southwest China is Nepal, and Tibet, homeland of the Yeti. Fecal matter from a Sasquatch that has parasites from Tibet? MMMM…the Chinese connection may not be so tenuous after all. Here’s some circular stones that are said to be Chinese in origin. They were found off the coast of California.

The article “New Directions in the Teaching of Human Language to Non-Humans has been removed. This is the reason why. The article, as it was seen here, was copied to me some time ago. Mr. Trey Jones has brought it to my attention that the article is not genuine in nature, but, rather, is a satirically written article that was submitted to the Website “The Speculative Grammarian”. I thank Mr.Jones for bringing this to my attention. Speculation may or may not be intended for satirical purposes. The entire article that I wrote here, about the origins of the Sasquatch is speculative, but not intended to be satirical. Evidence  for the “EXISTENCE” of the Sasquatch or Yeti, is scant at best. Much that is written about it is postulation. It’s like filling in the dots, when there are not a lot of dots to fill in. The direction that it takes you is uncertain. The connection between the Sasquatch and the Yeti is no different, but the postulation that was, that they may have a common origin, did not, and does not… hinge upon Mr.Pulju’s article alone. There were already some indicators there for that, so…that postulation remains. Mr.Pulju’s article, in its intended format, may be found here.  Thanks, M.K.Davis

When the very best images from the Patterson Sasquatch film, that show the mouth, are animated, there does indeed appear to be mouth motion that is consistent with speech. Here’s a short clip. Click on the image to animate.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork and stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here are some of the stills used in the above animation. Click on the image  to enlarge.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

Here’s all the frames in collage:

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

8 thoughts on “The Davis Report-Is the American Sasquatch the Same as the Tibetan Yeti ?

  1. MK,

    Really enjoyed your last two posts, especially your recent one “Is the American Sasquatch the Same as the Tibetan Yeti ?”
    Very informative and plausible. Isn’t there an ancient Chinese ship buried in the bank of the Sacramento river ? I remember discussing it a while back. There have been core samples taken that date the ship to around 600 years old.

    The information you have provided is a good example of the necessary research that is so desperately needed to bring together data that would otherwise be missed or over looked, and is considered conclusive historical evidence related to the existence and origins of the North American Sasquatch or Yeti.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. With respect, I’m not sure how you can determine lip movement from those photos? It could just be a shift in light across it’s face as it walks and moves it’s head. However, if we accept that there is lip movement, how then can you determine if it is (or isn’t) connected to speech? Most monkeys and apes move their lips at least as much as humans and even when we can hear their vocalizations, we can only surmise that is or isn’t some form of speech. It’s certainly possible that Bigfoot has the ability to speak but we don’t know either way and I think it’s a stretch to suggest from these blurred images that the animal in the film might be talking.

    • The mission of this site is to explore the Patterson Sasquatch film, and to provide a resource for those that are interested in it and what it might mean to them. Testimonials from the participants are excluded here. Just taking a look at the film itself, at that point, there does appear to be mouth motion that is consistent with speech. This is a silent film, however, and that point cannot be explored further here. Fish move their mouths as well, but I don’t know of any fish speaking… beyond Nemo. So…that is where I am there. Thanks for the comment Ernest. M.K.

      • Yes, and I think you’re doing a terrific job of analyzing this film. The lip thing is just one more part of your analysis and I was not criticizing. Rather, I was trying to point out that, from what I can see, there’s not enough information to know if the animal is speaking or just moving it’s lips. What about the lip movement do you see that makes you think it’s actually speaking? What am I not seeing?

  3. Did Patterson or Gimlin say anything about the Bigfoot in the film vocalizing in any way? I don’t remember reading anything about it.

  4. LOL … What a ridiculous premise.

    Evidence of SPEECH is blurred footage of an aminal walking, with no sound recorded? Moving the lips, even if it happened, is most likely just the typical animal expression of mood by facial changes.

    As I read the evidence, there is apparently some evidence of speech or language among the various voclaization recordings, but the Patterson film doesn not factor in.

    This sort of nonsense speculation really drags down the developing case for the actual existence of bigfoot.

    • Whenever the Sunday football games are on, and they cut to a commercial, they would always show the commentator team, moving their mouths without sound. Now I know that they’re not speaking! Mystery solved! Thanks RSteve for your comment. M.K.

  5. This is a very good site.I have been convinced since I was a small child of the existence of the North American Great Ape.I grew up in the Sierra Nevada’s.I have in fact studied this most of my life.Some interesting things people who call the film a fake either do not know,or fail to mention for one,Morton Haack…The costume expert who did the planet of the apes costumes said it would have been impossible to fake that because for one thing….He didn’t do it.Two…..The materials did not exist at that time.Something else to think about.Compression tests were done of the subjects footprints.The tests showed the subject to be at least 800lbs.There are MANY parts of the film that cannot be explained away.Too many.The fact is these animals are here.

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