The Davis Report-Where are the Bones?

If Bigfoot or Sasquatch does exist, then, where are their bones? Well…the answer is…in the collections of individuals or museums. The only problem is that most of the time, the unusual bones never see the light of day. They most often interfere with current theory or thinking, so they end up in obscurity. This skull was found in Warner valley in Oregon over 50 years ago. Quote: “It exhibits archaic traits including a solid protruding brow, sloping forehead, lack of frontal eminences, round orbits, small volume of 1225 ml., round posterior contour,and parallel sides. Radio carbon dating has it at 1500 years old. It is submitted as ¬†representing a unique, newly reported species probably indigenous to North America.” Here’s the skull. Click on image to enlarge.

From the book: "Early Man in Oregon".

Sarah Winnemucca Hopson, a Piute Indian princess, wrote of a war her people had in ancient times with a people of a similar look. In her presentation she said that her people had holed them up in a cave and then burned them to death in the cave. In the 20th century the cave was discovered and several very large skeletons and mummies were excavated from the cave. The picture below is an alleged photo of one of the skulls. The similarities between the Oregon skull and the Lovelock cave skull is striking. Click to enlarge.

Alleged Sitecah skull from Nevada

Skulls like these confound anthropologists and most do not ever see the light of day. We really do not fully know the ancient history of early man… in the America’s.

One thought on “The Davis Report-Where are the Bones?

  1. I posted an excerpt from a book over at Bigfoot Encounters a while back that mentioned “bones” like these near Lincoln City, OR. Basically, some folks were clearing away old, Indian shell piles when they discovered a couple of strange skeletons. One was 8′ tall with an unusual skull. I posted the story because it sounded like a bigfoot skeleton to me though the author didn’t refer to it that way. You can read the entire excerpt over there in her “stories” section.

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