The Davis Report- The Origins of the Sasquatch?

Often times, we humans study things to the point that we end up right back where we started from. When I say “study”, I mean professionally. We pay people to study things for us and then give us their results which most of the time, we rely on. There are some subjects, however, that do not give up their secrets very easily. In the case of the Sasquatch, we do not get our money’s worth with our paid professional approach. What we end up with, instead of a fact finding mission, is an agenda driven effort, in which the inquirer has ventured away; from true north, without a compass of facts. Realizing that they are lost, they begin to bake a pie of fallacy that they know everyone will love to eat. They then top it off with academia nuts that look so appetizing that this pie must really be something good to eat. When we get our slice of the pie, however, we discover that it truly is bitter to the taste. It’s not full of the good stuff that it first appeared to be. We hire first one professional… then another, but  the pie is bitter still.

Perhaps the first real thing that we can sink our teeth into, is the fact that we do not know everything that there is to know. We can’t even explain the people that we KNOW about in this country, because we did away with them as nations, so rapidly without adequate observations. Yet…the people that we pay to investigate the Sasquatch for us, have filled every gap….and they stick to their story, because it’s as good as any other. This is NOT science at work. Rather…it is the failed human condition at work. The strangeness of history is manifest in what was left behind. Until it can be explained, it is better to call it “unexplained”, rather than explain it away. Here’s an example. Look at the image below. This photo was taken in a cave in the American west. Two very different types of handprints.


Here’s a stone in Heavener Oklahoma that has Nordic writing on it called “runes”. They are dated to 600 a.d. When first found, the local Indians were said to have made them. The University of Oslo Norway begs to differ. They say it’s a land boundary marker written in the oldest form of Nordic rune writing.


Here’s another:


Perhaps we have become a Euro-centric society. I mean the modern European efforts to settle the Americas, may have come centuries after it had already been located and settlements established. If we cannot accept evidence such as the runes and much more, then perhaps we have eaten too much of the bitter pie with the academia nuts on it. I highly encourage you all to keep your eyes open and your mind as well. There is much to be learned from the mystic garden that we call Earth…if you don’t already have a bitter taste in your mouth.

One thought on “The Davis Report- The Origins of the Sasquatch?

  1. Another excellent essay. For me, it is really important that we do not ignore the most obvious facts, just because they do not fit in with our own personal agenda. especially when that agenda is driven by religion, or in some cases, false science. Neither should we just rest on our intellectual laurels, while we recover from yet another jump to false conclusions. Keep up the good work, MK!

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