The Davis Report-Equipment Tracks at the Film Site

After a close examination of the film, this observer comes to the conclusion that the film site had been visited by some form of equipment. This is contrary to the story about the event that had been told by the principals of the film. Alas though…a story is a story, and film is film. Here are some of the clips and stills that may lead a person to think otherwise. In this clip, the blue arrows point to where the log had been positioned in the soft and damp sand, BEFORE being pushed forward toward the camera position. It leaves a clear imprint of the log there. This big of a log certainly could not have been pushed in this way, by hand. The tracks of a piece of equipment can also be seen here. Click on the image to animate.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Film work and stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.

Here’s another still that shows what appears to be equipment tracks. Click on the image to enlarge.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.

In the interview below, long time Willow Creek resident Al Hogdson talks about a backhoe that was owned by a local man and had been left at the Bluff Creek area. Could it be this backhoe that made the tracks seen in the film? Click on the image to listen to the interview.

In the still photo below, the sand can be seen to be chopped up with linear trackways. Click on the image to enlarge.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

There is some evidence that a smaller type of track vehicle was used as well. Here’s a photo of such a vehicle still at the house of one of Roger Patterson’s good friend near Bluff Creek. Click on the image to enlarge.

Copyright M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.


3 thoughts on “The Davis Report-Equipment Tracks at the Film Site

  1. Again, I am so impressed by your work and careful attention. Over the last three years and many, many trips alone into a particular wilderness I satisfied myself these “cousins” of ours are alive and well. Because I was new to the whole BF concept, things like a 50 year old controversial film and so many tabloid type websites on the subject persuaded me to collect my own data w/o regard to previous accounts. Some might view that as reinventing the wheel, but fo me it was the only way to have data I could trust. Fairly quickly I accumulated what so many have: video of tracks, nests, grub site, nighttime eye shine, sound files, etc…and one compelling but poor definition video of a juvenile..with hands! I also gathered about six incredible anecdotal experiences for which I have no digital media. So what? LOL. I spent the last three years, in concert with field work, trying to get “authorities” or academics, or “big-time BF players” to “take” my work and give it to appropriate individuals. The joke is: there are none…not right now anyway.. Even more disappointing than the deep unbelief of our society is the chaotic and fractured nature of “BF groups” and the lack of cooperation. No wonder these archaic humans (?) remain hidden. During that search for a funded or responsible party to come into this area I began to wade thru what I could of the existing research on the web. Of course the PG film came up and the many contradictions surrounding the stories and events of that summer. We don’t know the whole story. We should take this as our lead…. full disclosure, all the footage, all the players must be transparent for strict scientific scrutiny. We don’t have that with the PG group…so it must take second r third seat to better research. I hope Dr. Ketchum and those in the DNA study will make their work that – the full story behind each sample…the work shall remain questionable as the PG film has?
    Again, just so nice to see serious and thoughtful work…all on your dime! Amazing world isn’t it? BTY – I have all this data…easy for me to be in the wilderness so much as I love it…but sitting at the computer for hours working on sonograms, video editing, etc? Uggg! So, perhaps I can take courage from you and be patient…I would gladly take 14 years before I tell my story if the end result is of this quality!

  2. dropped typing above mid sentence, to clarify: wrt to Ketchum… transparency is critical…wrt to the samples and how they were acquired, etc….sorry! LOL on the other hand, if the Journal submitted to is Nature…well, those peer reviewers will demand that. I wonder about the Sierra Kills..if it is true and if so if a sample from that was used, and if so how they handled apparently not informing any authorities of the deaths…? Ah, I will have to wait for the paper…and we may never know! Again, great to see this stuff!

  3. I have been present within courtrooms during official proceedings listening to expert witnesses contradict photagraphic evidence I had taken of crime scenes.

    One particular case involved a photograph of a house used to obtain a search warrant. The expert witness argued that I had lied about the time/date to get the search warrant using the pictures. The warrant was obtained in the summer, and according to the highly paid “expert witness,” the photo clearly showed snow around his clients home. The jury gasped and gawked at me for being so dishonest and fabricating the entire incident just to railroad this poor man.

    When I was given the opportunity to finally explain the differing opinions about the picture, I informed the jury that I had in fact taken the picture of the suspects home during the summer just prior to obtaining the warrant. The reason the “expert photographic analyst” was wrong about the snow being on the ground was simple. When I obtained the photo of the house, the sun was beaming down onto the ground. The “Expert witness” had requested that I fax a copy of the pictures used to obtain the search warrant to his office for examination. Since a fax copy of an original photo is black and white, the sun beaming upon the ground looked just like snow! This guy never asked to see the original photos prior to court, so I never volunteered to give them up. Sometimes things can be over analyzed. Maybe we have over analyzed the PG footage. Personally, I think that the footage is real.

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