The Davis Report-New Technologies

One of the most useful of the new generation of technologies regarding video is stabilization. Youtube is now offering stabilization of video that is posted to their site. Here is a video that I took of the massive Yazoo City tornado that struck my hometown on April 24th, 2010. This tornado, as far as I can find out, is the largest tornado ever caught on camera. Watch the enormous improvement that the stabilization makes in the video. I wonder what the Patterson film would look like if it were so stabilized? Click on the image to run the video.

3 thoughts on “The Davis Report-New Technologies

  1. Hello again – so good to see you rolling out what seems to be many years of work.
    I am still trying to give you the original day video I shot in 2009….primariiy b/c the hands of the juvenile come out into the light….I think you could make it accessible to more than I am able…a few other details on running away sounds, etc. On the other hand (no pun intended) these types of videos might be quite plentiful…and alone not so monumental as the PG film..but then again, there are no mysteries surrounding mine.

    I got on here to post this:

    I had just asked you about T. Slick and walla..the Universe decide to release some of his writings to the UT Library…probably not the smoking gun I seek…but you know…details, details…they all have to add up eventually.

    again…great stuff here.

  2. Hi, I’ve been researching this film for many years also and I’d like to ask if you know of or have made any panoramic images of the film site? (using the walk sequence, a composite style image)

    Do you know of any images like this online? (or that you could email?) I’m hoping to find some composites people have done of site in this way. (mostly for shadows, and to get a wider view of the whole scene in one image



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