The Davis Report-Unusually Hairy People.

Body hair is not all that unusual among the large and extended human family. There are some examples, however, that seem to go against the accepted knowledge about genetics. For example, the Native American genetic makeup is not supposed to allow for beards nor for body hair. Or so they say? Here’s an example of a man from the Hupa tribe of Northern California. Once again, this is not the name that they originally called themselves, but rather was given them by the conquering whites flooding into the area. The Hupa, or Hoopa told me that there is neither an H nor a P in their ancient language which is fast disappearing. There was once over 120 different dialects in Northern California, and yet…most of them disappeared before much of anything was known about them. I must say that from what I’ve learned the anthropology coming out of the Smithsonian is tainted by the erroneous beliefs of the times. So…then…we don’t really know much of anything about the people or the peopleing of the Americas. This Hupa man certainly does have a beard. Rather than explain or accept that this is the case among some, it is explained away as…”There must have been contact with the Spaniards.” You be the judge here.

The last remaining member of the Yahi Yana tribe around the Mount Lassen area, Ishi the dawn man, stated that facial hair was a sign of disrespect and diligently plucked his every morning. Here’s a photo of him in San Francisco shortly after he gave himself up to authorities in Oroville California in 1911. In this photo Ishi has short hair. He burned his hair short in mourning for his sister and mother, who disappeared into the Northern California wilderness when their camp was discovered by surveyors. Once again, Ishi was not this man’s name. He never revealed his name. Ishi was proposed by his care giver, anthropologist Alfred Kroeber. Mr.Kroeber was close to Ales Hrdlicka the head of the department of anthropology for the Smithsonian. When Ishi tragically died of tuberculosis, Mr. Kroeber…against Ishi’s wishes, removed Ishi’s brain and sent it to Mr.Hrdlicka. Some Native American groups found out about this and lobbied for its return in the 1990’s. The Smithsonian at first denied having it, but eventually capitulated and removed it from a vat of formaldehyde where it was stored along with about 35 other brains, and sent it back. It is now with the rest of Ishi’s remains.

The photo below was taken by John Hillar, photographer for the Smithsonian. It was taken during the John Wesely Powell expedition to the American West. These unusual looking Native Americans were encountered somewhere in Nevada I believe. They had full beards and the gentleman on the left had been through a head shaping procedure when an infant. These photos were never published by the Smithsonian because they could not explain the appearance of these people, and they did not fit within the framework of the beliefs of the department’s head, Ales Hrdlicka. These photos finally saw the light of day in the 1960’s in Emory Strong’s “Stoneage in the Great Basin”. As you can see here, there was hairiness in the American West.

Here’s a man from China that was heralded as “The hairiest man in the world.” I certainly can’t argue that.

Here’s another example of a very hairy back.

Here’s a comparison photo with the man from China, compared to the film subject of the Patterson Sasquatch film. Notice that the lips look very similar, when surrounded by abundant facial hair.


Here’s a report from out of Canada, that was originally published by the International Bigfoot Society, and again later published in the book by David Paulides “Tribal Bigfoot”. It involves a Canadian sponsored expedition into the west, and this was found in their published report of what they saw.

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