The Davis Report-The Unusualness of the Human Gene.

There are many examples of unusual features found on humans from around the globe. This group below are the Yagans. Now that is not what they called themselves. They called themselves the Yamana. They lived at the bottom of the world, that is the southern tip of South America in the coastal areas of Tierra del Fuego. In that harsh environment, where it rains or sleets and snows over 300 days out of the year, and the water temperature is around 35 degrees, these people rarely dressed in anything at all. Occasionally an otter pelt shawl but most of the time completely naked. When Charles Darwin weighed anchor with the “Beagle”, that is his research ship, off shore in that area, the Yamana came out in canoes. He said that he was greeted by a woman with an infant at her breast. It was sleeting on them both, and neither thought anything of it. The Yamana have very unusual feet. They have very long toes that resemble the fingers of the hand. They were said to grasp rocks with their feet to anchor themselves in gale force wind. When they would get sleepy, they would curl up on a bare rock and sleep out in the open and wind. Here are some stills taken of the Yagans or Yamana, before they became extinct. The men were said to suffer from a mental condition called Psycho neurosis. They would go into a trance and become violent. Often they would have themselves tied up before the trance fully gripped them, and freed when it was over. The language was gutteral and very difficult to translate. They were gone, like so many other peoples…before anyone could adequately study them.

Here’s a larger version.

Now look at the unusual feet of the Yamana.

Here are some of the others.

Here’s another foot.

If you saw a track that was made by such a foot…what would you think?

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