The Davis Report- Not a continuous film continued…

The next photo shows the filmstrip itself, at that concise point in the film where the two walk sequences join. There are no indications that this is a start stop of the camera. Rather…it is an abrupt SCENE change with no interlude. The same kind of scene change that a person might see in a Hollywood movie that has been finished editing and is ready for the theaters. In this filmstrip image the top frames are the first walk sequence. Patterson has fallen into a trench or ditch, and is actually filming from BELOW Patty…up at her. In the bottom frames or the beginning of the second walk sequence, Patterson is filming on a similar level as Patty. Patty is hidden behind the limb or stick in the center of the frame but emerges quickly a frame or two later. I refer back a page to the animated walk sequences to see this. Here is the image.













Here are a couple of maps of the sand bar as can be reconstructed from the film itself. Due to inconsistencies in the storyline, the film is the only touchstone for what happened down there, that may be relied on. Here’s the map for the first walk sequence. These are animated maps. They will animate right here in the post on their own.

Here’s the second animated map for the second walk sequence illustrated.

5 thoughts on “The Davis Report- Not a continuous film continued…

  1. Where was the road and horse corral located MK?…I do know McClarin and another, CRS, went down at the end of October or November 1967 with one of them drawing a map that had a road that paralleled the creek itself…Bluff Creek was a wilderness area but there was a logging road that allowed driving access to the creek…

  2. Interesting map that has a road next to the creek…dated November 5, 1967…the rectangle marks the spot of the vehicle…”we parked here”…not as remote as claimed by Patterson and Gimlin…but as I recall…Gimlin giving his “side of the story”…said they lost her when she crossed the road…of course his tale has changed as many times as he tells it…using Henry’s map could you draw in where the red hole would have been?…

    • This would be better than the map I think. It’s the photo taken from the bluffs above the filmsite. The remains of the log jam are on the left with arrows pointed to it. The outlines of the pit and trench are still visible, though the photo was taken quite a length of time after the event, the uncompacted sand is STILL darker. M.K.

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