The Davis Report

In years past we trusted the scientific establishment for the explanations that we needed for life and for living. We were supposed to…weren’t we? These were our learned men and women. These men and women had been to University and duly trained in the ways of the honest pursuit of truth. Yet…despite having certification to vouch for the veracity of these ones, certain ones do succumb to the trappings of the human condition, and bend the facts, sometimes to the breaking point, to fit a pet idea or notion and they “notarize” these facts with their preeminent qualifications, without the allowance for dissent. It has proven to be no different with this anomalous piece of footage called the Patterson Sasquatch film. The famous professor Grover Krantz from Washington State has gone on record many times in the past, both in lecture, and in the media, with a description of the Patterson subject as having possessed the Apelike quality of not being able to turn the neck. Dr.Krantz cited this as evidence that what we were looking at was a bipedal ape because it had to turn its ENTIRE body around toward you in order to look at you. He used the film itself as the touchstone of proof. Let’s take a look below at the clip from the film that he was basing this on.                                              

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork and stabilizations by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click.

What was not shown, however, were the physical actions of the film subject only a few seconds later when the movement of the neck becomes more abundantly apparent. To cite an immobile neck as evidence for being some kind of ape, while KNOWING that the example below existed in the film is WHY we should keep our skepticals on. A PHD beside a name or, in some cases, worn out on the sleeve, is NOT a guarantee of veracity, competence, or correctness. Many such ones have become media darlings with this film becoming a cash cow for both them and the media in a loose collusion. My suggestion for those who want to know what it is that is on the film in all honesty, is to look at the film itself with an objective eye. Do not lionize these men. They have ridden this piece of film nearly to death and seem certain to abandon it in the miasma of uncertainty forever, “IF” they have their way. Take a look below…do YOU see neck movement? M.K. ( Click on “next” in upper right of page for the next page ).

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Film work and stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.

2 thoughts on “The Davis Report

    • What Krantz said was that an upright ape could not turn its head like a human and put its chin on its shoulder, that in order to look full on at a subject to the side and slightly behind it a Bigfoot would have to turn its upper body to do so. There is a difference, between being able to turn your head and being able to look over your shoulder.

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