The Davis Report

The sand bar itself, in multi-generational copies of the film appears to be white, with little detail on the surface of the sand. In high quality images from the film, the sand bar’s true color and surface detail is revealed. When the image is toned down to the proper exposure for the sand bar, the level of detail is stunning. At this level of resolution on the right many details emerge that should require an explanation from the film’s maker or makers. On the left is the copy, on the right a photo from the original film. I am thoroughly ashamed at National Geographic Television for not investigating the claims regarding Bill Munn’s expertise and source materials, as to whether they were what he said they were. My stabilizations had been on the internet for a number of years, and yet…in the show, the implication was that Mr. Munns, after having gotten UNPRECEDENTED access to Mrs. Patterson’s personal copy of the film and scanning it, produced for the FIRST TIME, stabilized images. Mr. Munns certainly knew that this was not true in any way, and yet allowed these people to make these claims. I obtained very high resolution images from Mrs Patterson in a PERSONAL visit to her home in 2008. Mr. Munns also implies that he is working with original material, which is absolutely false. This should be clear in these photos which allow the viewer to compare Mr.Munns’ material with a photo actually from the original film, In the first photo below, the inset is from the original film. The quality difference should be obvious. M.K.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork in the insert by M.K.Davis. Background scans by Bill Munns and found in his "Munn's Report".

In the photo below, a mutigenerational copy is compared to a frame from the original film. The image is on the right has been toned down to properly expose the sand bar surface so that the true color and texture can be easily observed. Mr.Bob Hieronimus, in one of his interviews, made the claim that the sand was “white”. I knew then, that he had only seen the multi gen. copy of the film, and had not been there himself. He would have known that the sand was not white. M.K.

Copyright Patricia Patterson. Filmwork by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click on this image.

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