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To all who are interested in an iconic piece of film footage called the “Patterson” Sasquatch film, this blog is for you. I hope to shed light upon this film and why it is important to all of us, through use of the very best images from the film, with explanation.

At any length, this is my inaugural report to the masses. I hope that you find it informative and credible. Click on “next” to follow the posts.     M.K.Davis

The Patterson Footage (copyright Patricia Patterson)

Click on photo for animation. Stabilization by M.K.Davis (copyright Patricia Patterson) Please do not right click without permission.

14 thoughts on “The Davis Report-Click on the “Davis Report” banner above to go to the latest post.

  1. you can even see the hair on her butt moving…right before she looks can see a spot down below her butt that looks like hair moving or something….

    • No, actually I said that when it comes to talking, you seem to be on the unlimited plan. Not all bloggers are that way. You just have an itchy send finger. It’s probably itching right now. Anyways, thanks for visiting the site. I’m flattered that you came. M.K.

      • You DO do interesting work, MK. I have the quote from your radio show here somewhere. I know you were talking about us, and no, John Green is not paying us to run a coverup.

    • Hey Steve. I’m trying to create something of enduring worth here for those interested now and in the future in this film. The film is inherently controversial in nature anyway, but most people understand that they are looking at something special. I prefer that it be less about the people surrounding the film and more about the film itself, and maintain that credo for the sake of newer interested ones for the future. Enjoy the site Steven. Let me know if you have any suggestions for it. M.K.

  2. What you have done is magnificent! You also make a case for what I have been saying for many years, and not just in conjunction with Big Foot research, but other reasons: as wonderful, and cheap and instantaneous as digital is, there is absolutely nothing like good old film to capture and then analyze, an event.

    Only a frame by frame by frame looksee can truly show what has been documented.

    • It’s hard to beat good film. What has worked well for this effort is the melding of the old and new technologies. What digital brings to the table is that it does not require a dark room and all the expense associated with it. While it was film that preserved the event for posterity, it was digital that took that piece of recorded history and through stabilization and enhancement…. boosted the “wow” factor many times over.

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