The Davis Report

Here is a file that illustrates the nature of the foot strike and push. Strikes with the heel and pushes off with the toes. M.K.

Foot strike and push. (copyright Patricia Patterson) Stabilization by M.K.Davis. Please do not right click without permission.

2 thoughts on “The Davis Report

  1. A no doubt animation showing heel strike with toe push…when the right foot begins to strike the ground it appears the toes are flexed upward…it also appears she is dragging her left foot…something else interesting is the right arm in unison with the left leg with the arm the length of a humans and not hanging to the knee as reported…IMO…this appears to be nothing more or less than a human gait hurriedly walking to get away…BTW…why can’t we see the left arm?…do you have anything that shows the left arm length and swing?…

  2. Have you ever tried to walk with fins? I have, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it is an awkward gait. This animal has a very smooth and fluid gait using those large feet. You can not fake that no matter how much you practice.

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